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With thoughts in Turkey…

Several times today I have come to this page, my thoughts filled with the atrocities carried out at Ataturk airport in Istanbul yesterday —

How to, once again, put the feelings in my heart to words—?

It’s so difficult to express the shock that the random murders of so many innocent people evokes — the sadness that engulfs anyone when they consider the awfulness of what has happened—

—so many lives cruelly taken; so many people critically injured; so many left devastated with grief —

—and yet, I don’t need to find words— my feelings are the same as everyone else’s — Silently, anonymously, invisibly, mingled thoughts will bear the same message — that those who have perished may rest in peace, that there may be healing for those who have been maimed and that those who mourn may be comforted—

—and may there be an end to such heinous acts —

‘…All that we love deeply becomes part of us’ … Helen Keller

This morning I flicked over the leaf, as I sat at my desk, and read these words:

“Wherever you are — in city street or in the hush and glimmer of a summer wood — my love is with you. As you have always been for me–”

It was actually the text for today’s date on a perpetual calendar one of my sons gave me some years ago —

“That’s so lovely!” — and my thoughts went further, as I sipped my coffee, encompassing in my mind  those to whom I could apply those same words—


This evening, I sat at my desk reading the shocking news online of the horrific attack on a young woman, Jo Cox, a Labour MP, in her constituency area of Birstall in Leeds. The injuries she suffered were fatal —

“How could that happen—?” incredulously I asked myself— “How could a lady set off from home to work, possibly leaving the breakfast dishes ’til later, bidding her little children, ‘Have a good day — see you later’; a cuddle, a kiss; the same everyday parting gesture for her husband, Brendan — but no real ‘Goodbye’ for how could anyone have known that such madness would happen –? That, by lunchtime, she would be shot and stabbed on the pavement of a busy street in broad daylight —”

—and now, how does that family pick up the pieces of their shattered lives and try to make sense of something that has no sense—?

The depths of their grief will be unimaginable—

Now Jo Cox is at peace, away from this world of turmoil —

—and, as I again read the words on the calendar, their message has changed—

“Wherever you are — in city street or in the hush and glimmer of a summer wood — my love is with you. As you always have been for me.”

A mother’s words for her children, her husband, her family, her loved ones, at a time when she wasn’t given a chance to say “Goodbye”. xx

With heartfelt sympathy.


When there are no words…

I’ve wanted to write—

Didn’t want there to be day upon day of blank pages—

But how could I skip about on here with my usual trivia?

—or reiterate what has been said by so many expressing the feelings in my own and most other people’s hearts—

—so many people slaughtered— immeasurable devastation for scores of others— so much terror, hurt, confusion—

From the early days of my childhood, I was taught that good overcomes evil—

—so now I just wait—

—wait until the glorious day that we see that happen—

(— just wish that the confidence I had as a child was still with me that I could truly believe in that last sentence—)

Belgian flag


With heartfelt sympathy…


Although I’m not registered with Facebook, today I was shown by someone who is, how users have changed their personal profile pictures for icons of the French flag —- so, I’d like to draw alongside the rest of our nation in expressing my same feelings in the same way —-

I was shocked to the core to learn that, while we were enjoying a cosy evening in our local pub on Friday evening, such atrocities were happening on the streets of Paris —-

I feel sickened that anyone can be so evil as to plan and carry out such acts and deeply saddened that so many innocent people have lost their lives or been seriously maimed —-

My thoughts are filled with sympathy for all those whose lives will never be the same —- may they be comforted in their grief —-  xx

With sincere sympathy ….

17th July 2014—–


No matter the hundreds and thousands of words that have been / will be written  and spoken about yesterday’s horrific news, that a Malaysian flight was shot down over Ukraine by a ground-to-air missile, the words that keep ringing through my mind are ‘ two-hundred and ninety-eight people killed on board, eighty of them children’——–

In line with the rest of the world, my heart goes out to everyone whose lives have been forever changed by this atrocity—–