“…, she needs me…”


“…she needs me; she needs me not; she needs me…”

—and it was proven in the changing rooms of a local department store yesterday—

My daughter in law went clothes shopping without me— shocked smiley

She needed to choose a dress to wear to a wedding and picked a pretty, lacy style from the rail of summer fashions—

“Please could I try this on?” she asked the assistant responsible for supervising the fitting room—

“Of course,” the sales girl replied— “Just give me a call if you need any help—“

(To retain her anonymity I’ll just refer to her as “Em”)… pulled off her leggings and top and slid herself into the frock —

“Perfect!” she thought as she examined her every profile in the mirror—

She reached across her shoulder to fasten the zip at the back—

Oooops! As it reached the highest point of its ascent, it jammed—

“Oh, darn it— the cord from the price-tag has jammed itself—“

Gently, she jiggled the tiny metal zip-pull — to no avail—

She applied firmer pressure— nope—it wouldn’t budge—

“How the heck am I going to get out of it now—?” she quizzed herself, feeling distinctly hot under the place where the collar would have been had it been included in the garment’s design—-

Desperate needs call for desperate measures and incredible strength can be found in moments of panic so she yanked at the mechanism keeping her trapped—

Ping, ping, ping, ping, ping —

One by one, the top two inches of the zip’s teeth extracted themselves and ricocheted across the cubicle—

Now the rest of the fastener slid down easily allowing her to step out of the material which had her bound—

“Any good?” asked the assistant as Em emerged from behind the curtain—

“Um—yes, it’s lovely— but—-errr—um—the zip’s broken—“

“Oh, that’s always happening! I’ll fetch you another one—” was the kindly reply—

Relief is the sweetest dish but, hopefully, a lesson will have been learnt and next time she’ll take me with her— She knows that, really, deep down, she needs me— 😉 xx

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