Spoiler Alert…!


Yesterday, a friend spoke to me of her concerns that I haven’t written on my blog for a while—

Having presented my excuses, I decided that I should put her mind at rest and update my journal—

Never mind the debatable issues of Brexit and U.S. Elections — in my household there are more serious matters to consider—

A kind gesture from another friend last week had me wondering just what lies behind closed doors. Although I was tempted to take a peek, I knew this would be contravening the rules of etiquette so I resisted — until yesterday —

Sheer curiosity, coupled with the date, had me gently unlatching the door with ‘1’ marked as its address—

The sweet greeting that awaited was a real treat and left me yearning to revisit the site and find out what secrets are hidden behind the twenty-three neighbouring doors —

—and then I saw it! Hence the title of this post — ‘Spoiler Alert’!

There, emblazoned on a corner, was the message “Mini Reindeer for Christmas Eve”—


— although, maybe, just maybe, in this season of surprises, it’s a ploy and there’s a diamond or golden trinket behind its cardboard portal —

After all, try as I might, I cannot imagine how a reindeer, miniature or otherwise, could be included in the contents of my Maltesers Advent Calendar—

— especially in view of the fact that so much fuss is being made about traces of animal product in the new £5 notes— 😉 xx



3 thoughts on “Spoiler Alert…!

  1. Forget the chocolate, If there are only traces of animal products in a £5 note how much money must there be behind the Christmas Eve Door if it contains a full Reindeer (miniature or otherwise) The excitement is too much.

    1. Hahahaha! 🙂

      Well, you’ll just have to contain the excitement until that Very Special 24th December, Dave and then I’ll let you know about the riches I discover as the door creaks open on its hinges allowing its hoard of bounty to escape —-

      Anyway—we’ve got a complexing mystery of a murder to solve before then —- 😉

  2. ….today I could delve into the mystery of what really lay behind the last door…

    I know, from the feel of its shape, that when I unpeel the red wrapper, I’ll find a mini-Reindeer but, looking back on the twenty four doors of the Advent Calendar now swinging open on their hinges, I’m reminded that, before it unfurls, we never know what any new day has in store.

    —so — for me, this thought came tumbling out as I claimed the chocolate prize of today:

    My first is a letter which comes just before G;
    Then, Rudolph’s steering device — but with i before e;
    Add (to fit with this rhyme) a convenient d;
    And the next is a vessel which sails on the sea.
    My whole has no truck with the ‘wherefores?’ or ‘why?’;
    But immerses itself in what money can’t buy—

    That’s where the riches of my life can be found—- 😉

    Merry Christmas, everyone! xx

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