A letter to Ticker…

“There won’t be time for any more music—-” considered Rev. Alison when Stuart and Colin asked if they could just squeeze this into the set which has been arranged for next Wednesday—



Well, Tick, you know how strange things have often happened for us; then you’ll believe me when I tell you that , just before 8am this morning, I thought, “I think I’ll turn the radio on just to hear the news—” (after a week where it has sat silent on the table in the corner)—and this was playing on BBC’s Radio 2!

The song had been adopted and adapted by Timex in 1960 to advertise their watches with the slogan ‘Ticker, Ticker Timex’ woven into the lyrics — your proudly showing off the Christmas present on your wrist that year, had your mates chanting the jingle and creating the nickname that stuck with you to this day—

Made me cry (just a little bit!) and then I wondered how come you’re shuffling the DJ’s tracks when you’re s’posed to be getting a little corner of Paradise ready for when I come to join you—-

Love you xxxx

3 thoughts on “A letter to Ticker…

  1. That’s lovely, he will have plenty of time to get Paradise ready cos you have important people to take care of before then.

    1. Yes, I do, Mo and Dave—- (except that it seems the roles have changed and those important people are very much taking care of me! ;)) xx

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