Sunset at The Forum…

Until very recently (yesterday, in fact!) the little village in which I live had a vibrant online Forum…

The new laws in data protection, though, meant it would be difficult for the facility to continue…. so the curtain was drawn… the stage upon which we skipped around discussing the serious and the not-so-serious since the beginnings of the development of this village at the turn of the Millenium was, following a gentle finale, cast into oblivion ….

Such a shame …. but, on reflection, in the ten years since its inception, firm friendships developed and the community spirit here was built…

Woven into each of the hundreds of topics were little stories that I often couldn’t resist putting into verse… some of them I have managed to save and may find their way to these pages..

One, in particular came to mind today when I was chatting with my online Scrabble partner, Sarah, who lives in Brisbane … I shall reproduce it on here in a minute but first, I’d like to reiterate a tribute to the Forumโ€™s Administrator which, with the sun having set on his creation, has now been lost to the mists of time…

One day in two-thousand-and-seven,
A villager had an idea…
“Why don’t I just set up a Forum,
To help build up the neighbourhood here…?”

He’d no inkling when setting its format,
Of the journey through time it would take,
How the posts cov’ring allsorts of subjects,
Soon a treasured mosaic would make…

Some discussions of serious nature,
Brought forth many, and varied, a view,
As did light-hearted (rib-shaking!) comments,
Oft’ provided by……well……you-know-who…!! *

Through this website we’ve shared tears and laughter,
Been united in cares and concerns,
Learnt a lot from each other; made friendships,
…now from daybreak to dusk the hour turns…

As the sun sets, we’re left with reflections,
Of kaleidoscoped colour-rich gems,
Archived somewhere in space for forever,
‘Social Media’s Creme de la Creme’…

…so, eleven years on, we’ll say “Thank you”,
(Such small words can’t convey all we feel)
To the person whose virtual creation,
Breathed life into this village for real… ๐Ÿ˜‰ xx

(*… the 800 or so members of the Forum know who… and are all now left wondering whether he-who-so-deserved-to-have-the-last-word actually did …. ๐Ÿ˜‰


1 thought on “Sunset at The Forum…

  1. What a delightful reflection on your village forum, Marilyn. In one sense it must be sad to see it come to a close, but many friendships will stay and happy memories will remain. We enjoyed reading this post, Marilyn!

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