When Nobody Cared…

Following on from the previous post, ‘Sunset at The Forum’, I should have explained that few of the members used their actual name when publishing comments…

There was an array of pseudonyms but, somehow, even without meeting their owners, we could get a measure of each character’s personality from their style of writing…

This little poem was inspired by the story of an injured rat, contributed to the Forum by a gentleman who modestly called himself ‘Nobody’…


Once there lived a little ratty,
In a village near a town,
But the folk around disliked him,
And it got poor ratty down.

He was quite an entertainer,
And as chatty as could be,
But he talked his right hind leg off,
And was left with only three.

‘Twas underneath some decking,
He had built his little home,
But one day he was discovered,
Narked on by the garden gnome.

His shelter was demolished,
And the owner called out “Shoo!”
Chased him all across the garden,
Shouting “Nobody wants you!”

It took rat all that evening,
To track down his new master….
(If he’d only had his fourth foot,
He could have travelled faster!)

When Nobody espied him,
It filled his heart with joy,
Was ratty an escaped pet?
—Was it girl or was it boy?

In minutes they had bonded,
And poor rat had gained a name,
“I’m going to call you Yardy –
Because ‘three feet’ means the same.” 😉

— and it was a conversation about Sarah and her Mum, Wendy, making a comfy nest out of a box lined with soft material for an injured Possum who has lost half his tail that led me to the parallel of how the kindness of humans towards the animal kingdom makes a difference right across the globe — 😉 xx

2 thoughts on “When Nobody Cared…

  1. What a wonderful poem about little Yardy the rat! He has certainly been on an adventure, and has now found humans to love and care for him. Animals truly do respond to love, care and attention from humans. Your poetry is a delight to read, Marilyn!

    1. Thank you for your kind message, Sarah…and I have just received your email with the photo of your charming little possum in his cosy den… I was going to swap the photo of the possum I found on Google images for the actual photo of ‘Cricket’…but a notice told me it was too large for this site… 🙁

      Never mind…with the new data protection laws, maybe Cricket wouldn’t want me to publish his picture on the world-wide-web without his permission… 😉 xx

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