First things first



Welcome to my own little corner of cyber-space!

To explain how I got here, I wrote a note to the Administrator of the Cotford St Luke Forum as thus:

I really need a blog-spot;
A place where I can write,
Whether first thing in the morning,
Or the middle of the night.
My written flights of fancy,
Are not all folks’ cup-of-tea;
With their simple mode of content,
They often only interest me!
Who cares about my mem’ries….?
Or the sort of day I’ve had….?
Who wants to read my feelings….?
Whether happy thoughts or sad….?
If I had a special section,
People then could have a choice,
And not waste their time with reading,
Words that just don’t have a voice—–!  Wink
You gave me Poet’s Corner,
—such an honour at the time—-
And now I need an outlet,
For where words of prose don’t rhyme.
It may be Cotford’s Forum,
You’ll decide, is not the place,
But I’ll wait to hear your answer,
With thanks…..and this Emotion’s face—– Undecided

—-and the next thing I knew, this page had been magically set up for me!

First I had to find a title for my ‘blog’ — I scratched my head and tried to think of something clever and then remembered that a pupil at Cotford School had summed me up a couple of Autumns ago when she saw me out walking.

“Woolly jacket and flip flops—?” she remarked in an amused manner. I felt I had just been mildly cautioned by the fashion police! — but, actually, that’s the way i like to live—-with a degree of protection from the winds of life but also with a feeling of being foot-loose—–

—– so ‘Woolly jacket & Flip flops’ it is then —–

—– and I’ll be back here again soon——— xx


1 thought on “First things first

  1. Cor iss gone al posh in ere en it!
    First it wuz all plain an sterile then we ad igh tide at Porlock Bay now tides gon out an is all pink an pansy in ere. I dunno wiver ime cumin or goin an all them clicky fings as well.
    Still keep calm an carry on….

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